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Add To Context


An Add to Context Node is used to store information in the Cognigy Context, so that it can be used throughout the session on subsequent user inputs.

Parameter Type Description
Key Cognigy Text The key where to store in the context. This can be a key nested with dot (e.g. my.first.key)
Value Cognigy Text The value to store in the context.
Mode Select - Simple stores the value directly against the Key
- Array stores the value into an Array on the key

Storing an Object

If you want to store an object in the context, use .preserveType() at the end in order to keep it an object. Example:[0].preserveType() would store the full slot object for the first found city entity in the context.

Adding a value to an Array only contains unique values

When adding a value to an array by using the addToContext Node, the value will not be added if the value already exists in the Array. If you need to add a value to an Array, no matter if the value already exists in the Array, then you can use the .push() function in a Code Node.