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GPT Prompt (Beta)

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The GPT Prompt Node allows using Generative AI for creating relevant content. To do that, you need to add a text prompt that helps Generative AI continue the text.

Before using this Node, set the Generative AI provider in the Settings.

Parameter Type Description
Prompt CognigyScript The prompt to generate completions for. You can add special tags in the prompt, read more in Additional tags.
Sampling Method Select Methods:
- Temperature - determines the level of randomness in the generated text. A higher temperature allows for more diverse and creative outputs, while a lower temperature leads to more predictable and consistent outputs with the training data.
- Top Percentage - specifies the percentage of the most probable outputs for generation, resulting in more consistent output.
Maximal Tokens Indicator The maximum number of tokens to generate in the completion.
Presence Penalty Indicator Number between -2.0 and 2.0. Positive values penalize new tokens based on whether they appear in the text so far, increasing the model's likelihood of talking about new topics.
Frequency Penalty Indicator Number between -2.0 and 2.0. The penalty assigns a lower probability to tokens frequently appearing in the generated text, encouraging the model to generate more diverse and unique content.
Use Stops Toggle Whether to use a list of stop words to let Generative AI know where the sentence stops.
Stops Text Up to 4 sequences where the API will stop generating further tokens. The returned text will not contain the stop sequence.
Timeout Number The maximum amount of milliseconds to wait for a response from the Generative AI Provider.
Where to store the result Select You can store the result in the Input or Context.
Input Key to store Result CognigyScript Filled in by default.

Additional tags

You can inject the recent conversation in the Prompt field by using the these tags:

  • @cognigyRecentConversation — the tag is replaced with a string that can contain up to 10 recent virtual agent and 10 user outputs, for example:
       - Agent: agentOutput1
       - User: userOutput1
       - Agent: agentOutput2
       - User: userOutput2
  • @cognigyRecentUserInputs — the tag is replaced with a string that can contain up to 10 recent user outputs, for example:

    - User: userOutput1
    - User: userOutput2

    If you want to access only the last user input, specify Text token in the Prompt field.

When adding a tag, ensure that you leave a line break before and after the tag, for example:

A user had a conversation with a chatbot. The conversation history so far is:

Describe the user sentiment in one very short line.

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