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Setup a Cognigy.AI Endpoint for Handover

First, an Endpoint, for example a Webchat Endpoint, needs to be created in Cognigy.AI.

Once you have an Endpoint, go to the Endpoint Editor and scroll down to Handover Settings.

Set the Handover Platform to "Cognigy Live Agent".

You now have two options. By default, the pre-configured Live Agent Account, mapped to the Cognigy.AI Organization will be used for the handover. However, by deactivating the "Handover to pre-configured Live Agent account" toggle, you can also manually configure the Live Agent handover.

Handover to Pre-configured Live Agent

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If the toggle "Handover to pre-configured Live Agent account" is activated, conversations will be transferred to the Live Agent Account mapped to the current Cognigy.AI Organization.

To use this feature you need to:

Autoconfigure Live Agent Handover settings in Endpoint Settings
Autoconfigure Live Agent Handover Settings

Use Autoconfigure feature in your own Cognigy Installation

To use this feature these environment variables must be set in your Cognigy.AI installation:


Manually Configure Live Agent Handover

Enter the base URL. The base URL is your Live Agent installation URL, plus /api/v1.

See the example below from our Trial environment.

Field Example Value Description
Base URL ** is the Live Agent URL
Cognigy.AI Endpoint Settings
Cognigy.AI Webchat Endpoint Settings

Now you need the values to enter the Account ID and API Key fields. You will need to log in to Live Agent as the admin of the current Agent.

Navigate to the UI of Cognigy Live Agent, via the User Menu. Click on Live Agent in the User Menu and Live Agent will open up in a new tab.

Click to Sign In when prompted, using your credentials from Cognigy.AI.

User Menu

Once logged into Live Agent, note down the following values: Account ID and Inbox ID. These values can be found on the Live Agent URL after logging in.

Live Agent Account ID and Inbox ID
Live Agent Account ID and Inbox ID

In the bottom left corner of your screen, click the profile icon displaying your initials. Then click on Profile Settings.

Live Agent Profile Settings
Profile Settings

Scroll down and find the section labeled Access Token. Copy the value shown here. This is your API Key.

Live Agent Access Token
Live Agent Access Token

Return to the Endpoint Editor in Cognigy.AI, go back to Handover Settings in the Webchat Endpoint.

Enter the Account ID and API Key (Access Token) found in the previous steps and save your changes.

Account ID and API Key
Account ID and API Key

Next Steps - Set up your Flow for Handover

Now your Webchat Endpoint is set up! Next, you will need to set up your Flow for handover to Live Agent: