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Setup Live Agent for your Organisation

Before you can begin using Live Agent, you will need to set up Live Agent for your Organisation.

User Menu

Login to Cognigy.AI, and navigate to the User Menu, found in the top right corner of your screen.

The User Menu

Now click on the menu item Organisation Details.

Organisation Details

Once you have navigated to the Organisation Details page via the User Menu, you can see that the section for Live Agent Settings.

Find the Set-up Live Agent button, and click it to set up the Live Agent Account for your Organisation.

Live Agent Settings in Organisation Details page

Next Steps - Set up Your Inbox

Now that Live Agent is set up for your Organisation, you will need to create your Project Inbox:

Having Trouble?

Set up Live Agent disabled

If the button is disabled, it could be for the following reasons:

  • You do not have the Cognigy Live Agent feature enabled
  • You do not have permissions to create a Live Agent account
  • There is already a Live Agent account created for your Organisation

The text above the button can help you find why the button is disabled for you.

Example 1: Cognigy Live Agent feature not enabled

Example 2: Live Agent Account already set up for the Organisation