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Salesforce Service Cloud Integration


Cognigy has integrated "Salesforce" as an additional handover provider that can be used by our customers to connect their users with real agents (in third-party sources). You can read more about Agent Handover here.


To start using Salesforce as a handover provider with Cognigy.AI, you first have to sign in to Salesforce, e.g. here:

Endpoint Configuration

In the "Handover Settings" section of your Endpoint, you need to select "Salesforce" as your "Handover Platform". This will require you to fill out the following related fields. To get started, visit your Salesforce web UI and navigate to the "Setup" area (using the cogwheel icon at the top right).

Live Agent Base URL:

  • Navigate to Chat Settings
  • You will see a box titled API Information with a field called Chat API Endpoint
  • Copy the "Base URL" from the field ( without /chat/rest) into the "Live Agent Base URL" field in Cognigy.AI
Retreiving the Live Agent Base URL

API Version:

  • Use 52 as a value

Organization ID, Deployment ID, Button ID

  • Navigate to Embedded Service Deployments
  • Open the dropdown for the deployment you want to use, then select View
  • In the Embedded Service Code Snippets section, click the Get Code button
  • A dialog with a code snippet will open. Search the snippet for the following part and copy the commented values from the snippet to the Endpoint Settings. Leave out the '' markers.
        'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', // <--- use this as the "Organization ID"
            baseLiveAgentContentURL: '...',
            deploymentId: 'yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy', // <--- use this as the "Deployment ID"
            buttonId: 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzz', // <--- use this as the "Button ID"
Retreiving Organisation ID, Deployment ID and Button ID
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