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In addition to full Drag and Drop flow editor functionality, Cognigy.AI supports the following hotkey commands.

Flow Editor

The following hotkeys are valid for the Flow Editor.

Hotkey Action
Ctrl + c
Command + c
alt + [drag/drop]
Copy the Selected Node
Ctrl + v
Command + v
Paste the Node from the Clipboard
Ctrl + x
Command + x
Cut the Selected Node
del Delete the Selected Node
Ctrl + s
Command + s
Save the node currently being edited.
Ctrl + Alt + F
Command + Option + F
Toggle the node search input filed.
Ctrl + Alt + P
Command + Option + P
Open Voice Preview panel.
Clipboard Expiration Time

The content stored in your clipboard will expire after 10 minutes and no longer be available.

Interaction Panel

The hotkeys displayed in the table below are valid for the Interaction Panel.

Hotkey Action
Ctrl + b
Command + b
Clears the Chat
Ctrl + Shift + F Toggles the Expert mode