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COGNIGY.AI is the Conversational AI Platform focused on the needs of large enterprises to develop, deploy and run Conversational AI’s on any conversational channel.

Given the arising need of voice interfaces as the most natural way of communicating with brands, Cognigy was founded in 2016 by Sascha Poggemann and Phil Heltewig. Our mission: to enable all devices and applications to intelligently communicate with their users via naturally spoken or written dialogue.

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Cognigy Custom Modules

Cognigy provides a series of custom modules, which can be uploaded into your Cognigy.AI installation.

All modules are open source and MIT licensed. The source code can be found at GitHub. If you want to build your own modules, feel free to fork the repository, implement your module and create a merge request.

The Cognigy provided packages are password-protected and can be installed on all of our installations. Your own non-password-protected modules can only be installed on your own on-premise installations. Use the provided download-links to download our modules.

Module Name

Exposes the Cluedin ( GraphQL endpoint to Cognigy.AI

Contains various extended nodes which we already have in our product - but with additional features.

Encrypting and decrypting from within Cognigy.AI

Integrates with DialogFlow NLU

Integrates with Hubspot CRM

Exposes flexible HTTP Request functionality inside Cognigy.AI

Integrates with Salesforce

Integrates with Zendesk Support

Integrates with Atlassian Jira

Exposes Alexa-related Nodes

Adds a logging Node to Cognigy

Integrates with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services for spellcheck, translation, sentiment analysis, etc

Integrates with Google Cloud Services for translation and language detection.

Integrates with service-now.

Integrates with Yext.

Integrates with Fuse.js to support fuzzy search.

Integrates with Sharepoint.

Integrates with Automation Anywhere.

You can find more information about each module on their respective GitHub pages, which you can reach by clicking on the module name above.

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Cognigy Custom Modules

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