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Cognigy Live Agent


This version is currently in pre-release and will be released soon


  • Improved by adding the capability to upload doc/docx files by agents and contacts

  • Improved by including the Cognigy Session ID field in Live Agent as part of the conversation information and also as a filterable field for conversations

  • Improved by adding support for trusting self-signed CA certificates and client certificates in the requests to Cognigy.AI. Have a look at the Helm Values SSL section

  • Improved by removing UI parts related to custom attributes as they were not used


  • Fixed a bug where the agent will not show its online status in the contact actions dropdown

  • Fixed a bug where the website favicon didn't change, and the notification sound was not played while receiving new messages

  • Fixed a bug where Cognigy.AI multitenant users were not able to login into the proper Cognigy.AI organisation using OAuth login

  • Fixed a bug where agents were not notified about conversation assignment the first time the conversation was created and auto-assigned to them


Released May 10th, 2022


  • Improved by fixing security vulnerability CVE-2022-28391 affecting the OData service
  • Improved by adding optional antivirus scan with ClamAV on file uploads
  • Improved by adding the section "Previous Conversations" to the conversations view right panel to allow agents see the rest of the conversations with the same contact


Released May 2nd, 2022


  • Improved by polishing contact info section styling for displaying Cognigy.AI contact profile fields
  • Improved by changing the color of the agent messages to a slightly lighter blue to differentiate them from the Cognigy.AI bot messages
  • Improved by rendering Cognigy.AI contact profile data in the conversation view under the contact info section.
    • A new value called COGNIGY_AI_API_BASE_URL_WITH_PROTOCOL must be added to the Helm values.yaml file to make it work. More information here.
  • Improved by removing functionality related to adding agents as now Cognigy.AI is where the user management happens
  • Improved by removing the ability to reopen resolved conversations at UI and API level
  • Improved by adding Cognigy Logo for bot messages
  • Ability to send multiple attachments from the agent dashboard



  • Improved by having proper OAuth error pages design with links to receive support in the Live Agent documentation
  • Improved by extending Cognigy.AI OAuth handler logic to update user fields while doing log in when they are changed in Cognigy.AI, such as the user name
  • Improved by hiding inbox setting allow messages after a conversation is resolved as it was not working as expected
  • Improved by hiding conversation section "previous conversations" as it was not working as expected
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