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Demo Webchat

Cognigy Demo Webchat provides the opportunity to test webchat integrations with various providers, including handover providers, and also allows you to preview the appearance of your webchat before deploying it in a production environment. Demo Webchat is a valuable tool for testing and customization, ensuring that your Webchat functions according to your expectations and looks the way you want it to before launching it.

Using Demo Webchat

To start using Demo Webchat, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Cognigy.AI interface.
  2. Go to Build > Endpoints.
  3. On the Endpoints page, select existing Webchat Endpoint or create a new one by clicking + New Endpoint.
  4. In the upper-right corner of the Endpoint editor, click Open Demo Webchat.

The Webchat Demo Page will display a website that contains a Webchat you have configured in the Webchat settings within the Endpoint in Cognigy.AI.

Manually Defining the User ID

By default, when you load the Webchat, you are assigned a random user id that is stored in local memory, ensuring that you have the same user id the next time you use the Webchat.

To test your Webchat as an end user, define the user id by adding ?user=<user-id> to the Demo Webchat URL. For example, in the URL, the user id is set to test.

To create a new session for the existing user, use ?user=<old-user-id>&sessionId=<new-user-id>.

To locate the user id of past conversations, Navigate to 'Manage > Contact Profiles.

Demo Webchat Settings

These configuration options within the Webchat Endpoint will only have an effect on the integrated Demo Webchat page.

Parameter Type Description
Enable Demo Webchat Toggle Enables or disables the integrated Demo Webchat for this Endpoint.
Enable Speech-to-Text Toggle Toggle whether the Webchat should feature a microphone button.
Enable Text-to-Speech Toggle Toggle whether the Webchat should read all bot messages aloud.
Background Image URL The image that will be displayed behind the Webchat.
Center Webchat Select Determines where on the page to position the Webchat: center or bottom right.
Use Custom Webchat Bundle URL Toggle This is an advanced feature. Some Endpoint configurations might not work as they might not be supported in your Webchat Bundle.
Custom Webchat Bundle URL URL This field available only when the Use Custom Webchat Bundle URL is acrivated. You can specify a new URL of Webchat if you want to use customized Webchat by modifying the Webchat source code. The URL should have the following format:<package-name>.js, where is a storage for your plugin, for example, Amazon S3, and package-name is a name of your package, for example webchat.legacy.

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