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Playbooks help you test your Flows and make sure that they work as intended. They are automated conversations, which include Assertions that can check various elements of your Flow.

Create Playbooks from the Interaction Panel

You can turn any conversation in your Interaction Panel directly into a playbook:

1. Go to the Interaction Panel and chat with your bot
2. Click the three dots right next to the Flow selection
3. Select Create Playbook

You will be taken to the Playbook Editor with a new Playbook based on your chat history. You can now go on and add assertions and additional steps.


Set timeout per step

To set the timeout threshold for each step in the playbook, type a duration in miliseconds into this text field. If a step takes longer than this threshold, an error will be thrown in the playbook player.

Toggle 'abort on error'

This setting determines whether to continue after a failed step or abort the playbook on the first step with errors.

Playbook Step

A Step represents a single input including both text and data, in combination with various Assertions on the Flow output and status.


Assertions are checks on various Flow related elements, you can check on:

  • Output text
  • Output data
  • Flow State
  • Context
  • Slots
  • Intent

All Assertion results can be inverted.

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