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Agent Analytics

A built-in Analytics dashboard is available within the Cognigy.AI platform for each Agent. The dashboard consists of a range of key agent metrics that provide an overview the usage and performance of the bot.

The Cognigy.AI platform analytics dashboard


The analytics dashboard consists of 20 graphs displaying the following agent metrics:

  • Message count 24 hours
  • Message count last week
  • Message count monthly
  • Session count 24 horus
  • Session count last week
  • Session count monthly
  • Unique users 24 hours
  • Unique users last week
  • Unique users monthly
  • Misunderstood messages 24 hours
  • Misunderstood messages last week
  • Misunderstood messages monthly
  • Execution time 24 hours
  • Execution time last week
  • Execution time monthly
  • Message count by channel
  • Flow usage last 30 days
  • Flow usage total
  • Top Intents last 30 days
  • Top Slots last 30 days


Customization of the built-in analytics dashboard is not possible, however the data used to populate the dashboard is accessible via the OData Analytics Endpoint. Find out more about how to access the OData feed here.

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