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The Build section allows for the creation of resources that help shape your virtual agent.


The Flow is an important (and powerful) concept within Cognigy.AI. It provides a visual representation of a potential dialog using a user-friendly flow chart. Flows are composed of individual Nodes with different functionalities, ranging from generating output to collecting back-end information.

Head over to Flows for more information.


Lexicons are collections of domain-specific Keyphrases (also known as Entities) that can be attached to a Flow. A Lexicon can be seen as a dictionary, that allows the virtual agent to "understand" specific words, like car brands, product groups or zip codes.

Head over to Lexicons for more information.


Connections are encrypted credentials that can be used with Extensions. The Connections view can be used to update and delete existing Connections. New Connections are created directly within the Extension Nodes that use them.

Head over to Connections for more information.

NLU Connectors

NLU Connectors can be used to connect to third-party NLU engines, like Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson.

Head over to NLU Connectors for more information.