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Intent Trainer

The Intent Trainer enables you to analyze the collected user inputs (records) and add them to Intents to improve your Agent's user input comprehension. You can decide which user input record improves the Agents intent and then click on "Add to Intent" - Then use the "Train" button in the top right above the record list to overtake the new intent to the NLU intent list in your Flow. You do not need to execute "Build Model", because the "Train" functionality of the 'Intent Trainer' did already the scoring - you will see that by the indicated scoring data and the color icons in the Intent list.

Intent Trainer with filter options


You can export and import Intent Trainer records by selecting the option after clicking on the 'three dots button' beneath the "Train" button. To export Intent Trainer records select the date range then confirm.

Export Intent Trainer records

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Filter Records

As of release v4.8 you can filter records by Snapshot, Locale, Flow, Intent, Review Status, Found Intent, Found a Slot, Intent Score, Intent Types and Slot.

Filter Option Description
Snapshot No Snapshot
(list of available Snapshots)
You can select available Snapshots.
Locale Any Locale
(list of available Locales)
You can select a Locale when available.
Intent Any Locale
(list of available Locales)
You can select available Intents.
Review Status Any Intent
(list of available Intents)
Lists all Intents depending on filter option.
Found Intent Not reviewed
Lists all Intents found depending on selected filter.
Found a Slot Not selected
Found Intents
No Intent Found
Lists all Slots found depending on selected filter option.
Intent Score Not selected
Fair (0.3-0.7)
The respective scoring areas are indicated by colored dots.
Input Types positive Answer
Negative Answer
Goodbye Message
Why Question
How Question
Yes or No Question
You can select one or more types of user messages as a filter option.
Slot None
Lexicon Slots
System Slots
Lists all user messages depending on selected slot type.

The "Filter Preset" drop-down menu allows you to preset filter options with one mouseclick.

Available filter presets

Add to Intent

Adding a record to an Intent requires you to select the Flow and the target Intent, you can also modify it before adding. The input will become an Intent example sentence afterwards.


Skip moves the user input to the Skipped records, however, once a user enters the same input again, it will also show up again in the Unhandled records of the Intent Trainer.


Ignore moves the user input to the Ignored records and once a user enters the same input again it will also be ignored.