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xApps Overview (Beta)

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  • This feature is currently in Beta. We encourage you to test the feature and provide feedback so that we can improve it before its official release.
  • Cognigy reserves the right to change the billing of xApps in the future.

Cognigy xApps are infinitely flexible micro-web applications for customer self-service. xApps can be used stand-alone or complimentary to any channel to enhance virtual and human agents' capabilities and to overcome channel limitations compromising user experiences.

The behavior of xApps is controlled via a set of xApp Flow Nodes. You can build the actual xApp Pages in two ways, by providing HTML code or by specifying an Adaptive Card in JSON.


  • Cognigy xApps is compatible with the browsers and channels listed here.


Session Concept

An xApp Session can be accessed via the URL and be initialized via the xApp: Init Session Flow Node. The xApp Session displays a sequence of xApp pages that can be configured as desired. A maximum of one xApp Session can be initialized per Cognigy Session.

Screen Concept

The Shell Page has a set of configurable built-in screens. These default screens can be used to interact with end users, for example, when the xApp content is not displayed. These default screens are part of the Shell Page, which holds the connection to the Cognigy.AI backend.

xApp Screen

The xApp Screens are shown when the xApp Page is launched, fails to launch, encounters an Error, and is halted.

xApp Success Screen
xApp Error Screen

Intermediate Screen

The Intermediate Screens are displayed to the end user while no xApp Page is configured to be displayed. The default Intermediate Screen can be replaced with a custom-built xApp Page.

Intermediate Screen

Connection Screen

The Connection Screens are shown while the real-time connection to the backend is re-established. The default Connection Screen can be replaced with a custom-built xApp Page.

Connection Screen

PIN Screen

The PIN Screen prompts the end user to enter the xApp Session PIN. The user needs to provide the correct PIN to access the xApp Pages. Requesting a PIN to enter the session is optional.

xApp Pin Screen

How it Works

  1. Initialize a new xApp Session via the xApp: Init Session Node.
  2. Allow users to access the xApp Session using one of the following methods:
    • Without entering a PIN Code. Share the xApp Session URL with the users.
    • By entering a PIN Code. Generate a PIN by adding the xApp: Get Session PIN Node, send this PIN to the users and share the xApp PIN Page URL with them. The PIN code is only valid for 5 minutes.
  3. To update an initialized session with a new custom-built xApp Page, use one of the following Nodes:
  4. Submit results of the xApp need to be JSON serializable. They are available in the Input object under data._cognigy._app.payload. You can check the submission by === "submit".
  5. To wait for the xApp user Input in a Flow, use the Question or the Optional Question Node. The xApp type of the Question Node is only considered to be answered if submitted results are available as part of the Input.

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