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Webchat Features

Webchat Templates

Quick Replies

Using Quick Replies, you can help your users advancing in a conversation by providing example phrases which would fit as a reply. By clicking a Quick Reply, the user will send a pre-configured message defined by you.

If you want to showcase structured content interactively, you can use the Gallery-Template to present one (or more) items with an image, a title, a subtitle as well as optional buttons with links or pre-configured messages.


Using the List Template, you can present 2-4 list options to a user. This is preferably used over a Gallery Template in case the user has to see all options at a glance.


Sometimes it is necessary to send certain media files to users. To do this, you can use the Attachment Template.

Audio Attachment

This can be used to send audio files. The user will see a web player and is able to play the file at once.

Image Attachment

This can be used to send image files. The user will see the image in a fixed aspect ratio.

Video Attachment

This can be used to send video files. The user will see a web player and is able to play the file at once.

Button Template

If you need to provide navigation options for users, but do not need the rich structuring of the Gallery Template, you can use the Button Template to send just Text and Buttons.

Date Picker

Anytime your Bot asks for a date input via the Webchat, it will let users select that Date through an interactive Date Picker.

At first, it will present the user a button which indicates the selection of a date.

When clicked, it will open a full-screen overlay for the Webchat. The user can now pick a date based on constraints you defined in the bot.

Persistent Menu

If your bot contains a broad and deep set of features, it may be helpful for users to be able to use a menu for navigation. The Persistent Menu solves this issue by providing a set of pre-defined messages (like Quick Replies) that can be accessed from the input bar at any point in the conversation.