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Cognigy Insights


Cognigy is committed to providing you with the tools you need to improve the customer experience of your customers.

Cognigy.AI has integrated analytics reporting functionalities, as well as an OData, interface our customers can rely on to retrieve their raw analytics data. Our integrated analytics dashboard provides a range of key metrics to understand the usage and the performance of your bots. We felt that it is time to provide an enhanced experience when it comes to understanding the performance of your bots — hence we have created a new product called Cognigy Insights, which entirely replaces the static analytics dashboard with a whole set of new tools.

As of release v4.10, Cognigy provides a completely new designed Analytics solution for Insights.


Cognigy Insights is a new application that replaces the old and static analytics dashboard. Insights keeps track of the data of your customers while they interact with your virtual agents and makes that data available on a variety of new dashboards and new tools.

Insights is a new application that co-exists side-by-side with Cognigy.AI and is tightly integrated into the Cognigy.AI product experience.

With Cognigy.AI 4.10.0, we improved our capabilities to create metrics to have custom metrics for each service.

  • Start with creating a new Agent or selecting an existing Agent in your Cognigy.AI.
  • In order to switch to Cognigy Insights, open the sidebar menu in Cognigy.AI and click Insights. We have used this option prior to guiding users to our Analytics application.


When you are in an agent-specific route in Cognigy.AI (Agent is selected), you should see Insights in the user menu pop-up. You can navigate to Insights of that Agent when you click on the menu item.

When switching from Cognigy.AI to Cognigy Insights, you will be redirected to the Insights Dashboard section, starting on the Overview dashboard.

Overview dashboard

You will find all sorts of different report types that visualize key metrics of your currently selected virtual agent.

Cognigy provides three categories of dashboards available via the Insight sideboard menu:

Local Filters

The local filters are specific to an application and will be described in the corresponding section.

Global filter

The global filters will be visible no matter where you navigate. Once you have changed the filters, all the data visualized in any location will respect your filter configuration.

User menu

You can find the user menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Using the sidebar menu of Insights, you can select all the available data analytical applications to analyze the Agents' performance to improve the Agent for better understanding and improved user experience. The currently selected application is highlighted in a primary color and will be displayed next to the agent at the top as well. You can always go back to Cognigy.AI and your virtual Agent also by clicking the Cognigy.AI entry in the sidebar.

Insights main menu

Insights product introduction

To advance your understanding you can see our live presentation of Cognigy Insights here:

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