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COGNIGY.AI is the Conversational AI Platform focused on the needs of large enterprises to develop, deploy and run Conversational AI’s on any conversational channel.

Given the arising need of voice interfaces as the most natural way of communicating with brands, Cognigy was founded in 2016 by Sascha Poggemann and Phil Heltewig. Our mission: to enable all devices and applications to intelligently communicate with their users via naturally spoken or written dialogue.

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OData Analytics Endpoint

Cognigy.AI exposes a OData v4 analytics endpoint to retrieve analytics records.

Excel/Power BI

When using PowerBI or Excel, you might be asked to authenticate. Simply choose anonymous authentication .

Each time a contact interacts with one of your Flows, Cognigy stores detailed analytics logs about the interaction. Each interaction is exposed in the analytics endpoint as a Record.

You can connect to the OData endpoint using your API Key by connecting to respective OData URL on your server.

On our demo server, the OData endpoint URL is (where YOURAPIKEY must be replaced with your respective API Key). For On-Prem installations please replace the hostname with the hostname configured for your local installation.


All OData requests are cached for 10 minutes. Making more than one request within 10 minutes will result in you retrieving the previously cached version.

The endpoint supports following the OData Query Language operators:

  • $filter
  • $skip
  • $top
  • $orderby
  • $count
  • $select

When retrieving the Records, the endpoint will return the following fields.

Field Name Description Type Example
_id Unique analytics record ID String 5a91d194fde28b0011ce2423
inputId Unique input ID String 5a91d194fde28b0011ce2424
sessionId Session ID String 5a91d194fde28b0011ce2425
contactId ID of the connecting user String myContactID
userType Type of the connecting user. Either "external" for external user or "admin" for admin user String external
organisation Name of your organisation String cognigy
flowParentId ParentId of the Flow String test
flowVersion Version of the Flow Number 1
flowLanguage Language of the Flow String en-EN
channel Channel the input came through String facebook
intent Found intent (can be blank) String orderFood
mode Mode of the input String TextOnly
state State of the Flow at input String default
foundSlots Found slot tags String DATE
foundSlotDetails Found slot tags with details String DATE[2018-2-25T12:32:32.000]
understood Whether any slots or intents were found Boolean true
completedGoalsList List of completed goals in this session String orderedFood
executionTime Time it took to execute the Flow in ms Number 32
timestamp DateTime of the input DateTime 2018-2-25T12:32:32.000Z

Example Queries$count?apikey=YOURAPIKEY
Return total count of Records
Return all Records for the given APIKey$top=10&apikey=YOURAPIKEY
Return the first 10 records$filter=executionTime%20lt%2050&$top=5&$orderby=executionTime&apikey=YOURAPIKEY
Return the top 5 records where the executionTime is lower than 50ms, ordered by executionTime

Connecting from Excel or PowerBI

When connecting from Microsoft Excel 2016, you must use the PowerQuery feature, which can be found under Data > Get & Transform > New Query > From Other Sources > From OData Feed. This will connect to our OData v4 feed.

OData Analytics Endpoint

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