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Set Translation

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Cognigy introduces as of release Cognigy.AI (4.10.0) a new Flow Node "Set Translation".

This Node adds the ability to define translation provider settings on a per-project level and real-time translation settings on a per-endpoint level. The translation providers can be Microsoft, Google, and DeepL. Required settings need to be done in the Agent Settings.

If activated in the endpoint, Cognigy.AI will auto-translate the user's input into the set flow language and translate all outputs back as well.

Currently, we only support AI Default output translation.

Node selection menu
Set Translation"-Node in a Flow
"Set Translation"-Node configuration


The configuration options and their functions are listed below:

Parameter Description
Translation Enabled Whether translation is activated in the Endpoint or not.
Can be enabled using the slide bar.
User Input Language The language of the user input.
Flow Language The language to translate to.
Don't translate Payloads Whether to preserve payloads so they aren't translated when they are returned.
Can be enabled using the slide bar.
No-Translation Marker Do not translate texts encapsulated in this marker (e.g. 'I love the Cognigy.AI platform' will not translate 'Cognigy.AI').
(** default)
Set user input language on execution count If the input language is set to 'Auto-Detect', it will be fixed to its current value on this execution count.
Always remove No-translation Markers Wether we remove No-Translation Markers, even if a translation is not enabled.
Can be enabled using the slide bar.
Settings - Label: Enter a name for your choice to the Node. Adding a Label replaces the bottom text line of a Node.
- Comment: Additional information about the Node.
- Analytics step: Enter a meaningful step name used as Annotation for the Step Explorer in Insights analytics.
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