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Genesys Cloud Guest Chat

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Cognigy includes Genesys Cloud as an additional handover provider, allowing Cognigy users to connect with human agents from Genesys Cloud.

The Genesys Cloud Guest Chat handover is based on Genesys Guest Chat APIs. These APIs contain functionality to create a new chat conversation, retrieve previous chat history, send messages, set the typing indicator, and leave the chat. Receiving messages, membership changes, and other real-time events are available via a WebSocket connection.



Configure Handover Settings

In Handover to Agent Node, configure the following settings:

  • Language — specify a language for the conversation. For example, english, spanish, german.
  • Skills — define skills for the conversation. For example, escalation.
  • Priority — set the priority for the conversation. For example, 1. If a priority is set, it triggers a flow in Genesys to prioritize or de-prioritize the conversation within the queue. Note that this functionality requires the appropriate flow to be set up in Genesys.
  • Custom Attributes — add custom attributes in the Key: Value format, which allows you to include additional information. For example:
        "section": "section A",
        "region": "Europe"

Create an Endpoint

To start using Genesys Cloud as a handover provider with Cognigy.AI:

  1. Go to Deploy > Endpoints.
  2. Open the Endpoint where you want to enable Handover to Genesys Cloud.
  3. Scroll down to Handover Settings and select ** Genesys Cloud Guest Chat** from the list.
  4. To fill in the required fields and complete your setup, read the Genesys Cloud Handover Integration article in Cognigy Help Center.

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