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Email Templates

Live Agent allows customization of email notifications.

To customize the email notifications, follow the instructions below. To update the content, you have to add a new template in the Database, here is how you can do it.

1. Login Into The Rails Console.

Attach a shell to the main Live Agent pod and run the following command:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails console

2. Create A New Template For The Emails. Execute The Following Commands.

email_template = = 'conversation_assignment' # Accepts conversation_assignment, conversation_creation
email_template.body = '// Enter your content'!


The template can receive 3 variables:

  1. user - Use {{ }} to get the username.
  2. conversation - Use {{ conversation.display_id }} to get the conversation ID
  3. action_url - This is the URL for the conversation.

Default content

The default content of the above template is shown below.

1. Conversation Assignment

<p>Hi {{user.available_name}},</p>
<p>A new conversation has been assigned to you</p>
<p> Click <a href="{{action_url}}">here</a> to get cracking.</p>

2. Conversation Creation

<p>Hi {{user.available_name}}</p>

<p>A new conversation has been created in {{ }}</p>
Click <a href="{{ action_url }}">here</a> to get cracking.

Liquid templating engine is used internally, which means that all valid operators can also be used.