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Switch Locale


The Switch Locale node is used to change to an alternate Locale during a conversation. It is common to use this node after language detection or based on the region of the user to execute a change to the conversational language or structure based on an assessment of the user's region or spoken language.

A locale must be pre-configured in order to populate the options available for selection in the Locale dropdown menu.


To switch the locale for the current execution, one needs to use a Think Node after the Switch Locale Node. With this functionality, the current Flow will be triggered again, but the new locale will be used instead of the old one.

Locale Reference ID

As of release v4.8 Cognigy Script can be used to switch to another locale by using the locale reference ID.

Switch locale using Cognigy Script

The reference ID you can find in the Localization of the Manage application in Cognigy.AI.

Click on the 'three dots' button on the right side of any available locale to copy the respective reference ID. Then open the Switch Locale Node configuration editor and enter the reference ID in the Locale ID field when Cognigy Script is activated.

Copying locale reference ID

More information on Localization

Find out about building multilingual and regional specific virtual agents on the Localization Page.