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Within our Cognigy.AI platform, you're able to connect your Cognigy Agent to your Intercom platform by using our Intercom Endpoint. This allows you to create a bot with Cognigy.AI that can answer support requests from Intercom when your agents are not online or even replace them.

Generic Endpoint Settings

Find out about the generic endpoint settings available with this endpoint on the following pages:

Channel Specific Settings

The Intercom Settings dropdown menu is where Cognigy.AI is provided with the credentials to connect with an Intercom Bot.

Access Token

The Access Token generated by your Intercom app that has the associated permissions to communicate with Intercom.

Bot User ID

This Bot User ID is the unique identifier that belongs to the Intercom Team Member that will be used as your Intercom Bot.

Hub Secret

This Hub Secret is provided by Intercom and provides Cognigy.AI authentication to communicate with your Intercom Bot.

Message Delay

This field allows a delay in milliseconds to be added for each letter in a message.

Help Center

More detailed information on how to set up an Intercom Endpoint refer to our Help Center articles here.

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