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User Menu

The User Menu provides access to various user-specific features. From the User menu, you can customize preferences, monitor billing and audit events, manage roles with ACL, access Cognigy products and documentation quickly, and log out.

To open the User Menu, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Cognigy.AI interface.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the Cognigy.AI interface, click user-menu.

User Menu Options

The following options are available in the User Menu:

Option Description
My Profile The interface where you can manage and customize personal account settings.
Access Control The interface where you can manage user roles. It works as an Access Control List (ACL) and allows users to be assigned specific roles.
Admin Center The interface where you can track the number of billable conversations, the number of Knowledge Chunks and Queries within your organization. Additionally, you can activate other Cognigy services such as Live Agent and Voice Gateway, as well as delete the organization.
Audit Events The interface where users with the Admin role can monitor actions performed by other users within your organization's account.
Documentation The link to access the Cognigy technical documentation.
Insights The link to access Cognigy Insights.
Live Agent The link to access Cognigy Live Agent.
Voice Gateway The link to access Cognigy Voice Gateway.
Logout The option allows users to log out of the interface and also provides the ability to view the current product version.