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Agent Flows and Lexicons can be shared across multiple flows throughout the agent. This is achieved using the Attachments menu where lists of the respective resources are populated and can be enabled.

The Attachments Menu is found in the NLU tab inside the Flow Editor.

The Attachments feature means that duplication of intent and lexicon libraries is not required as multiple flows can be designed to reference single libraries.

Train Intents when Attaching

The NLU must be re-trained anytime a new flow or lexicon is attached.

Attached Flows

Flow attachment is an optional feature that allows virtual agents to access the intents of separate flows.

Using Attached Flows

Find out more about flow attachment on the Attached Flows Page.

Attached Lexicons

Lexicon attachment is required in order to teach the NLU to understand the specific keyphrases added in the Lexicon Editor. This means that particular flows can recognize specified keyphrases where others will not, adding to the flexibility of Cognigy.AI virtual agents.

Using Attached Lexicons

Find out more about lexicon attachment on the Attached Lexicons Page.