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Cognigy.AI Sign-in and Sign-out

Users can sign in to Cognigy.AI with this URL:


For example, the frontend-url for the Trial Cognigy environment is

Log in to multiple organizations

Cognigy.AI allows users to be part of multiple organizations. A user, identified by an email address and a password, can be part of different organizations. The URL to log in to Cognigy.AI should be like this, specifying which organization the user wants to log in to:


The organization-id is a unique identifier of 24 characters that identifies an organization in the Cognigy system.

Cognigy.AI User Login page


If a user is part of multiple organizations and no organizationId is passed in the login URL, the user will be denied a login.

For a user assigned to a single organization, including the organizationId in the login URL is optional and has no impact.

Multiple organization email notification

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When a user with a valid email address belongs to multiple organizations, and if no organizationId is passed in the login URL, the user will be denied a login; but will receive an email with direct login links for each organization they belong to. Clicking those links will open the Cognigy.AI login page with the respective organizationId param in the URL.

Multiple organization user email on failed login

Reset a Password

Suppose a user wants to reset the password for one of the organizations to which the user is assigned. In that case, having the organizationId in the login URL is mandatory when filling out the "Forgot Password" form.

Log in with SSO

A user who is part of multiple organizations can log in with SSO using the above same login URL, including the organizationId, and then clicking LOG IN WITH SSO.

More information on configuring Cognigy.AI with SSO can be found on Single Sign-on using SAML 2.0 page.

Automatic Sign-out

The Automatic sign-out feature allows you to set an inactivity period for members of your organization. If a user remains inactive during this period, they will be automatically signed out.

This feature is available only for on-premises and dedicated SaaS customers. To activate the feature, specify FEATURE_ENABLE_AUTO_LOGOUT_ON_INACTIVITY= true in the values.yaml file.

By default, the inactivity period is set to 15 minutes. You can change this value by specifying AUTO_LOGOUT_IDLE_TIME_IN_MIN=<your time in minutes> in the values.yaml file.