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Cognigy.AI User Login

Cognigy.AI User Login

Users can login to Cognigy.AI with this url:


The frontend-url could for instance be

Login for users in multiple organisation

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Cognigy allows users to be part of multiple organisation. A user, identified by an e-mail address and a password, can be part of different organisations. The URL to login to Cognigy.AI should be like this, specifying which organisation the user wants to login to:


The 'organisation-id' is a unique identifier of 24 characters which identifies an organisation in the system.

Cognigy.AI User Login page

If a user is part of multiple organisations, and if no organisationId is passed in the login URL, then the user will be denied a login.

For a user assigned to single organisation, including the organisationId in the login URL is completely optional and has no impact.

Password Reset

If a user wants to reset the password for one of the organisations to which the user is assigned, then again it is mandatory to have the organisationId in the login url when filling out the "Forgot Password" form.

Single Sign-on Login

A user who is part of multiple organisations can login with SSO, using the above same login URL including the organisationId and then clicking "LOGIN WITH SSO".

More Information on configuring Cognigy.AI with SSO can be found on Single Sign-on using SAML 2.0 page

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