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Profile Settings

Basic settings for the user profile can be changed or updated.

Click on the profile thumbnail in the bottom left-hand side of the screen, next click on Profile Settings.

Live Agent Profile  Menu
Profile Menu

User Profile data

In this section, the user profile data can be changed. Currently, user can customise the profile image and the display name.

Live Agent Profile Profile
Field Description
Profile image It is displayed in the agent conversation, agent lists and profile menu
Display name Currently, it is used for the conversation transcript that the agent can send by email. Transcript messages sent by the agent will use the display name as the sender name

The rest of the user data, such as email, full name and password, need to be updated in the Cognigy.AI account. The change will automatically apply to Live Agent.


Version badge


  • Push notifications must be enabled in Live Agent and in your browser. Otherwise, they are not available.
  • Push notifications are not supported by the Microsoft Edge browser.

You can customize the behavior of notifications.

Starting from Cognigy 4.45, you can configure only Audio Notifications. Push and email notifications are moved to Account settings and can only be controlled by administrators. If the administrator has not yet changed the push and email notification settings, a human agent still have the opportunity to change them in the Profile Settings.

API Access Token

Here you can also find the user access token. This is used for the Live Agent API and its actions are limited by the user role.

Live Agent Profile Access Token
Access Token