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Profile Settings

Profile Settings are a set of customizable options and configurations available to individual users within the Live Agent system. These settings include the customization of profile appearance, notification preferences, activation of AI Copilot, configuration of hotkeys for sending messages, and access to API functionality.

To open the Profile Settings in Live Agent, do the following:

  1. Open your Live Agent interface.
  2. In the bottom-left corner of the Live Agent interface, click Profile Settings.
  3. In the drop-down list, select Profile Settings. The Profile Settings page will be displayed.

There are the following settings available within the user profile:

Additionally, you can copy the API Token to access the Live Agent API.

User Profile Appearance

To personalize your profile settings, you can edit both your profile image and the name that will be displayed in conversations.

Setting Description
Profile image The image will be displayed in the conversations, agent lists and user profile menu.
Display name This name will be displayed in the conversations and is used as sender name when human agents send conversation transcripts in emails.

The other user data, such as email address, full name and password, need to be updated in the Cognigy.AI account. The changes will automatically apply to Live Agent.


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In Live Agent, you can configure email and push notifications, and audio alerts for certain types of actions that trigger notifications.

The email and push notification settings in the Account Settings will take precedence over the Profile Settings. If the administrator has not yet changed the push and email notification settings, you can change them in the Profile Settings.

To configure notifications, refer to Notifications.

AI Copilot

Cognigy AI Copilot offers a variety of advanced features that empower human agents to provide faster and more accurate customer support. The workspace is fully customizable with widgets that display the most relevant information for any chat and voice use case. When embedded into your contact center, it enhances the overall efficiency of your contact center.

In the Profile Settings, a user can activate AI Copilot if it has been installed previously.

If an administrator has already preset the AI Copilot Workspace setting in the Account Settings, this setting will take precedence over the user profile settings. In this case, a user is not able to change the AI Copilot Workspace settings.

For more information, read the AI Copilot and LA AI Copilot documentation.

Hotkey to send messages

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To send messages in the conversation chat, you can select one of the following hotkey options:

  • None — send messages by clicking the Send button. The Enter key will be used for line breaks.
  • Enter (↵) — send messages by pressing the Enter key instead of clicking the Send button. The Shift+Enter key combination will be used for line breaks.
  • Cmd/Ctrl + Enter (⌘ + ↵) — send messages by pressing Cmd+Enter or Ctrl+Enter instead of clicking the Send button. This option is selected by default. The Enter key will be used for line breaks.

API Access Token

The displayed Access Token serves as the authentication and authorization key for the Live Agent API. It contains information specific to a user, and the actions it enables are restricted by the user's assigned role.

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