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Avaya CPaaS

Within our Cognigy.AI platform, you're able to connect your Cognigy.AI resources to your Avaya CPaaS phone number by using the Avaya CPaaS Endpoint.

Generic Endpoint Settings

Find out about the generic endpoint settings available with this endpoint on the following pages:

Setting up Avaya CPaaS

To connect the Avaya CPaaS Endpoint in Cognigy.AI to a phone number in Avaya CPaaS, copy the Endpoint URL from within the Endpoint in Cognigy.AI and insert it into the Request URL inside the Avaya CPaaS phone number configuration.

Configuring the Avaya CPaaS Endpoint

In the Avaya CPaaS Endpoint, you can customize how the conversation with Avaya CPaaS should behave.

Avaya Settings

In the Avaya Settings section, you can configure the following settings for the Avaya CPaaS Endpoint:

Setting Description
STT + TTS Language The language that Avaya CPaaS should use to read out the outputs from the bot.
Voice The voice to use with Avaya CPaaS.
Avaya CPaaS Token An optional security token you can insert that comes from Avaya CPaaS to validate that the request does not come from a third party.

Gather Settings

In the Gather Settings section, you can configure several attributes that will be attached to the Gather statement that is sent to Avaya CPaaS:

Setting Description
Action URL The URL, which Avaya CPaaS will use to send the user inputs to. Keep it empty to have the requests go to the Avaya CPaaS Endpoint.
Input Type The different kind of input types that Avaya CPaaS should accept. Default is digits + voice.
Hints A set of words or phrases that Avaya CPaaS should listen for. Commas should separate words.
Method The HTTP request method that Avaya CPaaS should use to contact the Action URL. Default is POST.
Timeout The amount of time the user has to answer the bot before the call disconnects. The timeout is specified in seconds with a default value of 30 seconds. Note: The timeout starts counting as soon as the bot starts speaking, meaning if you are reading out a long text to the user, it might time out before they even start to answer.
Finish On Key The key the user should press to send an answer when using DTMF.
Num digits The maximum number of digits the user can enter.