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Get Help & Report Problems


Whenever you feel stuck or encounter a problem on our platform do not hesitate to ask for help. There's many ways of getting help, some of which we're describing below.

In-Product Contextual Help

Inside Cognigy.AI, you can find contextual in-product help by clicking the Help icon in the App Bar on the upper right of the screen.

Help Icon in the App Bar

When clicking on this menu, the help widget will open, and you can search for help directly within the product.

Help Widget

Help Center

Every article in the Help Widget comes from the Cognigy Help Center, which can be reached by clicking the "View original article" link.

Alternatively, you can always reach the Help Center by following the link below.

Cognigy HelpCenter

Cognigy Community

Part of the Cognigy Help Center is the Cognigy Community, where Cognigy enthusiasts can ask questions and share ideas.

Filing a Support Ticket

In case you've found a bug or need technical assistance, you can file a support ticket. You can do this in three ways:

  1. Directly from the Help Widget inside Cognigy.AI by clicking "Contact Us" on the bottom
  2. By registering at and filing a ticket from there
  3. By sending an email to support [AT] cognigy (dot) com

Ticket Content Recommendations

For a better and faster handling of your ticket you should provide as much information as you can give us.

The following sections describe recommended attachments and information you could send us to accelerate the ticket handling process.

General Problems

For an issue which you can't really associate with a specific resource (flow, endpoint etc.) add at least a screenshot of the console (F12) as an attachment to the ticket.

Problems with a Flow

The ticket for a problem with a flow should have the Flow and all it's dependencies attached.

You can also attach a screenshot of the logs (see Logs) to the ticket.

Problems with the UI

Add - in addition to your description - a screenshot of the bug to your ticket.