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When you work on conversational AI projects, it's important to keep track of how your virtual and human agents are performing. Cognigy offers a variety of tools that can help you analyze and evaluate your agents' effectiveness. You can use these tools to monitor important metrics, such as how long it takes to respond to customers, how often issues are resolved, and how satisfied customers are with the service they receive. By using this data, you can find areas where your agents may need more training or improvement, and make informed decisions on how to optimize their performance. With Cognigy's monitoring tools, you can be confident that your conversational AI projects are running smoothly and providing the best possible user experience.

Cognigy Insights

Cognigy Insights is the built-in analytics platform for every Cognigy project. It provides advanced analytics and visualizations for the interactions between chat and voice agents. Its key features include data visualization, metric tracking, performance analysis, and data export. While it is not possible to customize the dashboards, you can access the data through the collecting-data to create charts and dashboards tailored to your needs.


Cognigy.AI provides an OData Analytics Endpoint that enables administrators to import agent performance data into external data visualization tools, allowing for the creation of custom dashboards.

Call Tracing

Call tracing involves recording calls made through a voice agent using Voice Gateway for debugging purposes. It helps troubleshoot issues, identify latency sources, and ensure voice agents function seamlessly.

Contact Profiles

Contact Profiles store user information and can be accessed by Flows and Endpoints. They allow you to store data persistently and personalize conversations with users.

Dashbot and Chatbase

Support of Chatbase is ended

In version 4.80, the Chatbase analytics integration will be removed from the product. The Chatbase platform has not been supported since 2021.

Any Cognigy.AI endpoint can be natively connected to third-party analytics vendors Dashbot or Chatbase.