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Slot Fillers

Slot Fillers are easy-to-use tools that allow you to fill in slots with minimal effort. They can be customized to fit a specific type of slot and are automatically triggered each time the NLU is activated (usually with each user input). Slot Fillers copy any discovered slots to the Context object, which means you can fill those slots using subsequent user responses. When combined with Question Nodes, this creates a natural way of gathering information, allowing end users to provide more context.

Watch this Episode of Cognigy Sessions for a technical deep dive


Suppose we want to gather three pieces of information:

  • Size
  • Email
  • Product

We would configure appropriate Slot Fillers for these pieces of information:

If we now add matching Question Nodes, we get the following Flow:

Make sure to configure the Question Nodes with the "Skip if Answer exists in Context" selected, as this is where the Slot Filler results are stored.

The Flow is now ready to take different kinds of utterances and automatically ask for the missing information.

"I would like a T-Shirt in XL" -->[missing email]-->"What is your email?".

"I would like a T-Shirt in XL, and my email is"--> Flow completed.