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Resetting Initial User Credentials

In case, you cannot obtain credentials from logs of service-security in the way it is described in Cognigy.AI installation process, e.g. because service-security service was restarted several times, or you have deleted and recreated Cognigy.AI installation, you need to drop service-security database to generate new initial credentials.

Attention: Loss of Data

All Organizations and Users will be lost as a result of this operation. Perform this process only during initial Cognigy.AI setup.

To generate new initial user credentials, run the following commands:

  1. Drop the collections in service-security database by connecting to the primary node of MongoDB. To get which node is primary, execute rs.status():

    kubectl exec -it -n mongodb mongodb-0 bash
    mongo -u root -p $MONGODB_ROOT_PASSWORD --authenticationDatabase admin
  2. Connect to the primary node (e.g. if mongodb-0 is the primary node) and drop the collections in service-security database:

    kubectl exec -it -n mongodb mongodb-0 bash
    mongo -u root -p $MONGODB_ROOT_PASSWORD --authenticationDatabase admin
    use service-security
  3. Restart the service-security deployment:

    kubectl rollout restart -n=cognigy-ai deployment service-security
  4. Obtain the newly generated initial credentials from the logs of service-security deployment as usual:

    kubectl logs -f -n=cognigy-ai --tail 100 deployment/service-security