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Audit Events

Audit Events interface permits users with admin roles to track events on an organizational level.

Access Audit Events Dashboard

As an admin user, you have access to the Audit Events button located in the user menu. Click Audit Events to navigate to the Audit Events dashboard.

Audit Events List

The Audit Events list includes all the events that happened during the last 30 days, represented by six informative columns to describe each event:

  • Type: Event type, which can be one of the pre-defined event types (Action, Create, Replace, Patch, Delete, Unauthorized).
  • Action: Specific column to describe the Action type. It has items like "cancelTask", "addRoleToUser", "addProjectMember".
  • Resource Type: Type of resource used in the event (e.g. Project, Node, Flow, ...etc).
  • Timestamp: The exact time of the event.
  • Project: Identification number of the project in which the event happened.
  • User E-mail: Email of user who triggered the event.


1. Filter audit events

Audit events list can be filtered by user e-mail to find all events that a specific user triggered:

They can also be filtered by type to find a specific event (e.g. Action):

2. Sort audit events

By default, the audit events list is sorted by most recent event:

It can be sorted by Type, Timestamp, or user E-mail.

3. View user details

Click on user email to see their profile for more details.

4. Visualize event chain

Hover over an event item to view the event's chain. It shows the dependency of all resources that are related to the event.

5. View event details

Click on an event item to see more details about the event in a technical format (JSON).

6. Copy event details

Click on the secondary menu button next to the close (X) button to copy the event details.