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This event serves to indicate that the call was not answered within the specified ringing time.

When the virtual agent rings for the number of seconds, you specify in the Transfer Node settings, and if there is no response during this ringing period, the virtual agent will hang up the call. virtual agent will automatically end the call.


  "event": "NO_ANSWER",
  "payload": {
    "call_sid": "fd25a8f6-b7a0-41ad-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "direction": "inbound",
    "from": "+140xxxxxxxxx",
    "to": "+441xxxxxxxxx",
    "call_status": "completed",
    "call_termination_by": "caller",
    "duration": 15,
    "dial_call_status": "no-answer",
    "dial_sip_status": 487,
    "dial_call_sid": "5c854151-0e0a-4fbf-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"