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Live Agent

How do I remove a user?

Removing a user needs to be done from the Cognigy.AI platform. For example, you can take out its Agent role so that the user will not be able to log into the Live Agent system anymore or if you like, you could completely remove that user from the Cognigy.AI platform. If you log into the Cognigy.AI as an admin, under the "User Menu" on the top right, you will see an "Access Control" section. From there, you can manage the user.

Please visit the Cognigy.AI Access Control section here for more information.

How to fix custom SSL certificate verification error?

That may happen because your custom installation is running using a custom SSL certificate. (Error can not validate certificate) The deployment file used for the pods will need to be extended to mount a secret containing the CA on the pod filesystem. Our technical team can give support by opening a ticket. Also, as a temporary workaround, the SSL verification can be disabled.

Please have a look here

Please see this section here for more information regarding the Helm SSL variables.

How to fix SMTP for no authentication provider.

If yours is a self-hosted installation, you will have to update the values.yml under the smtp and configmap section.

Please see the Helm SMTP values section here for more information.

How to create Labels and how to map them to a particular Conversation?

First of all, you will need to create a label; for doing so, you will have to navigate into the "Settings->Labels" and click on "Add Label". Once your label has been created, navigate to your Conversations section, select an Inbox, and select a Conversation from that Inbox. On your right side, you should see a menu panel, and in there, there is a "Conversations Label" section where you will be able to add the labels you created above.

Please visit the Labels section here for more information.

How to request a file from Live Agent Conversation?

Live Agent request file
Live Agent Agent request file from the user

Please visit the Conversations Workflow/Conversation Actions here for more information.

How to add an Agent to a new Inbox?

You will need to log into Live Agent with an admin role, then navigate to "Settings->Inboxes", and look for the Inbox you want. From that Inbox, select settings/Collaborators and pick your Agent name. Once you are done, click on the "Update" button.

Please visit the Inboxes section here for more information.

How to create a Team and add Team members to the respective Team?

You will need to navigate into "Settings->Teams" and click on the "Create new team" button. In the second step, you will be able to add agents to the Team. You can also edit the Team later and add more agents then.

Please visit the Teams section here for more information.

How to see all the agents added in a particular Inbox?

You will need to navigate into "Settings->Inboxes", search for the Inbox, and click on "Settings" there, you will see a "Collaborators" tab, where you will see all the collaborators agents for that Inbox.

Please visit the Inboxes section here for more information.

How to get the Access Token(API Key)?

The access token associated with your user is available for you at the bottom of your profile settings.

How to view the Account ID and the Inbox ID?

You could take this information from the URL of the page you are on.

e.g. if you navigate into any Inbox. in your URL, you should see some like this: http://your-host-domain/app/accounts/1/inbox/4

from this url we can see that accounts/account_id/inbox/inbox_id, hence from the above example url you would have account_id = 1 and inbox_id = 4

How to navigate to the Cognigy.AI platform from Live Agent?

In your profile setting, you have a link "Cognigy.AI", from which you will be moved back to the Cognigy.AI platform.

Link to Cognigy.AI platform
Link to Cognigy.AI platform

All the user's administration must be done from the Cognigy.AI platform. Please see the Cognigy Login page for more information.

What happens if you remove an Inbox from Live Agent?

You can safely modify/remove Inboxes created manually. But you must not change/update/delete the default Inbox created by the Cognigy.AI platform, as it will break the communication protocol between Live Agent and Cognigy.AI. There is no way to undo this step quickly. In case you need to do so, please reach support.

Live Agent OData service

Why is the OData service not returning all the information from the database?

The OData service returns data belonging to your account.

Are you getting an unauthorised error while querying the OData endpoint?

In case you are getting an unauthorised error, check that the API access token used belongs to a user that has the administrator role for the account used in the query.

How to retrieve all content from a particular collection?(Ex: Conversation, Message)

To achive this, you could do a filtering for large values in the following way:

e.g. http://:/v1.0/odata/Conversation?$filter=created_at le '2126-11-23T00:00:00'

This will return all the fields for the Conversation model created before 23/11/2126.

Please refer to the OData section here for more information.

How to filter OData with particular fields?

e.g. http://:/v1.0/odata/Conversation?$select=id,account_id&$filter=created_at le '2026-11-23T00:00:00'

In this example, it is requesting the fields "id" and "account_id" from The Conversation model where the "created_at" field is lower than '2026-11-23T00:00:00'.

Please refer to the OData section here for more information.

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