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If you are a new user of AI Copilot and are starting to use it from Cognigy version 4.65, you don't need this installation guide. From 4.65 onwards, AI Copilot is included with the Cognigy.AI installation.

In this guide, you will find the official installation and operations instructions for Cognigy AI Copilot.

It is intended for use by system administrators and operation engineers who are responsible for setting up Cognigy AI Copilot installations and maintaining the operational stability of our software product. Additionally, it provides documentation on monitoring installations, detecting anomalies, and ensuring that the product delivers high performance and stability, even under high-load scenarios.

Cognigy AI Copilot is a highly scalable software product based on a modern microservices-based software architecture that runs on Kubernetes clusters. Before proceeding with the installation, ensure you are confident in your knowledge of standard Kubernetes administration and operational tasks. You can get more information in Kubernetes official documentation.