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RingCentral Engage Integration


Cognigy has integrated RingCentral Engage as an additional handover provider that can be used by Cognigy customers to connect their users with human agents. You can read more about Agent Handover here.


To start using RingCentral Engage as a handover provider with Cognigy.AI, go to Deploy and open your Endpoints.

Open the Endpoint where you would like to enable Handover to RingCentral Engage. Scroll down to Handover Settings and select RingCentral Engage.

To complete your setup, see the Help Center: RingCentral Engage Handover Integration article.

Send User Profile to RingCentral Engage

During a Handover event, the User Profile is sent to RingCentral Engage to provide helpful information to human agents.

Profile fields of Cognigy Profile and RingCentral Profile do not match exactly

Cognigy User Profile will be sent to RingCentral Engage and matched up with the object keys existing on RingCentral Engage. The information that was not matched will be added to the "context_data" object.

Get Queue Updates

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The Get Queue Update setting enables the injection of queue updates into the conversation flow as events. This capability allows you to react to queue updates within your conversation flow.

In addition to enabling the Get Queue Update option, you need to configure the Lookup Node so that the handover type is selected as Queue. For more details, refer to the Handover Status section.

The queue updates from RingCentral Engage are visible in the object. The object contains the following properties:

  • estimatedWaitTime โ€” the approximate wait time for the user, measured in milliseconds.
  • position โ€” the conversation's position in the queue.