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The say verb is used to send synthesized speech to the remote party. The text provided may be either plain text or use SSML tags.

Speech vendors

  "verb": "say",
  "text": "hi there!",
  "synthesizer" : {
    "vendor": "google",
    "language": "en-US",
    "voice": "en-US-Wavenet-F"


The full set of configuration parameters:

Parameter Description Required
text The text to speak. May contain SSML tags. Yes
synthesizer.vendor The speech vendor to use for synthesis. No
synthesizer.language The language code. Required, if synthesizer.vendor is defined No
synthesizer.voice The voice to use. Check the voice lists of the vendor used. Defaults to the Application setting, if provided. Required, if synthesizer.vendor is defined No
loop The number of times the text is to be repeated; 0 means repeat forever. The default value is 1. No
earlyMedia If this parameter is true and the call has not yet been answered, play the audio without answering the call. The default value is false. No