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Quotas and Limits

This page contains default quotas and limitations that apply to new Cognigy.AI installations.

Changing values for managed Cognigy.AI environments

In case you want to request a change for your managed Cognigy.AI environment, submit a Support request using this template:

Hello Cognigy Support, 

I would like to raise the quota/limit β€œ<Description>” to <x> value.  
We need this because <short explanation of your use case>. 

Best regards, 
Your Name 
Change requests can only be reviewed for Cognigy dedicated SaaS. If changes are made to Cognigy shared SaaS, the environment would affect all customers in functionality and performance.

Any deviations from the default values for our Trial and App environments are also stated in bold within the table below.

Description Default value Trial App
Rate limit 1000 requests per 5 minutes1
Database and HTTP Node Calls
Maximum Database query result from DB Flow Nodes 500 kB
Maximum Context size 65 kB 1.5 MB
Maximum HTTP payload size for HTTP-Request Flow Node 65 kB
Maximum HTTP response size for HTTP-Request Flow Node 524 kB 2.6 MB 1.5 MB
HTTP-Request Flow Node timeout 8 s 15 s
Maximum JSON encoded payload size for requests to our RESTful API 60 kB
Minimum HTTP text body (used in CSV) 100 kB
Maximum text encoded (raw) payload size for request to our RESTful API (for example, used to upload CSV files) 2 MB
Maximum number of Example Sentences per Intent in Flows 200
Maximum total number of Example Sentences in Flows including Attached Flow Example Sentences 10,000 15,000
Maximum total number of Intents in Flows including Attached Flow Intents 2,500 10,000
Maximum time an Intent-Training task is allowed to run 10 m
Cognigy Functions
Maximum number of outbound HTTP requests in a single Cognigy Function instance 5
Maximum HTTP response size in Cognigy Functions 1 MB
Maximum time a Cognigy Function can run 15 m
Maximum time for how long data about Cognigy Function instances is stored 30 days
Maximum number of active/running Cognigy Functions per Organization 10
Maximum size of parameters object with which the function instance can be started 130 kB
Maximum size of a packaged Snapshot 256 MB
Maximum number of Snapshots per Agent 10
Lifetime of a downloadable Snapshot until you have to re-create the download 1 day
Maximum size of a Cognigy Package 256 MB
Maximum number of Locales per Agent 10
Extension actions 10
Maximum execution time for Flow Nodes from Extensions 20 s
Maximum size of an individual Extension package 128 MB
Maximum size for the File-System based cache for executing Extensions 512 MB
Maximum number of HTTP requests an Options Resolver can send 5
Maximum HTTP response size in an Options Resolver 1 MB
Maximum time an Options Resolver can run 5 s (max HTTP calls * 1 s)
Execution and Operations
Maximum number of times a Flow can execute the same Path for a single user message before β€œInfinite Loop protection” is triggered 4
Maximum number of undo/redo operations to be stored per user in the Flow Editor 5
Maximum number of HTTP requests that can be sent from a Cognigy Transformer 1 2
Maximum amount of time a Cognigy Transformer can run before it will be stopped 5 s
Maximum number of times the system retries to send an outbound Email 3
Maximum size of an Email attachment 10 MB
Code Node
Maximum code execution time 1 s
Maximum number of characters in the code editor 200K

Retention of Records


Features such as OData and Insights rely on records you will find in the Data section below.


If you have on-premises Cognigy.AI environment, you can set TTL values system-wide via the Config Map and/or organization-wide via Management UI.

Description Default value
Maximum time until a Log-Line on the product's Log page will be removed 1 day
Maximum time until relevant Flow-execution session information will be removed 30 days
Maximum time until a Contact Profile which has not been read or modified will be removed 30 days
Maximum time until Conversation transcripts will be removed 30 days
Intent Trainer Records
Maximum time Intent Trainer records are stored in the database 30 days
Audit Events
Maximum time until audit events will be removed 30 days
xApp Session
Maximum time until an xApp Session will be expired 30 days

  1. The rate limit of 1000 requests per 5 minutes from a single IP address applies only to shared SaaS environments.