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Copilot: Set Grid

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This Node updates the existing AI Copilot workspace grid in the AI Copilot Configuration that you created via an API POST request. Additionally, you can use this Node to preview the grid before making this request.

Multiple nodes can be utilized within a single AI Copilot Flow, enabling you to modify the grid according to your specific requirements.


Parameter Type Description
Copilot Grid Configuration JSON Updates the AI Copilot workspace grid configuration. By default, there is a grid example in the code editor. You can view a grid with Tile IDs in the Node editor.
Background Selector Select Customizes the background color of the AI Copilot workspace. You can select one of the following options:
- Default โ€” the default white colour.
- Solid Background Color โ€” specify the color in RGB or Hex format.
- Custom Image โ€” specify an image url.
Color (RGB/Hex) CognigyScript This field appears if the Solid Background Color option is selected.

Enter the color in one of the following formats:
- RGB. For example, green can be represented as rgb(34, 85, 85).
- Hex. For example, red can be represented as #FF3333. The color will be rendered under the field.
Image URL CognigyScript This field appears if the Custom Image option is selected.

Provide the image URL for your custom background. The image will be rendered under the field.

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