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Barge In - Config

Generic Barge In - Config Node


The Barge In - Config Node is a session config that enables the interruption of the voice agent.

When executed, the settings will apply for the remainder of the session.

Parameter Type Description
Barge In On Speech Toggle Enables to interrupt the voice agent with speech.
Barge In Minimum Words Slider Defines the minimum number of words that the user must say for the Voice Gateway to consider it a barge in
Barge In On DTMF Toggle Enables to interrupt the voice agent with DTMF digits. Capturing of DTMF signals is enabled by default
DTMF Inter Digit Timeout Number Defines the timeout in between collected DTMF digits
DTMF Max Digits Number Defines the maximum number of digits which can be entered by the user, the digits are being submitted automatically once this limit is reached
DTMF Submit Digit CognigyScript Defines the DTMF submit digit which will be used for submitting the previously entered digits. This overrides the minimum digits validation