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What's Cognigy.AI?

Cognigy.AI is an AI Customer Experience Orchestration Platform that integrates with any contact center or CRM system. It enhances existing infrastructure with advanced conversational AI capabilities, streamlining customer interaction. Cognigy.AI empowers organizations to deliver personalized, seamless, and efficient customer experiences on all channels, managing customer journeys intelligently for maximum engagement and satisfaction.

The Cognigy.AI interface provides conversation designers with a range of powerful tools and features to create and manage voice and chat assistants. It serves as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that simplifies the development process and enables designers to create engaging user experiences. The interface helps conversation designers build and refine conversational flows, test and analyze user interactions, and quickly deploy voice and chat assistants across multiple channels.

The orchestration engine

Other Cognigy Products

Voice Gateway

Bridges telephony systems with Cognigy.AI, enabling natural voice interactions and integration with IVR systems for enhanced customer service. This product has a separate installation and is compatible only with Cognigy.AI.


Cognigy.AI's xApps are pre-built application components that can be easily integrated into conversational flows. These xApps extend the functionality of the platform, enabling quick deployment of features like payment processing, appointment booking, and more, without the need for custom development. This product is provided together with Cognigy.AI.

Live Agent

Facilitates collaboration between human agents and virtual assistants, enabling smooth escalation of customer inquiries for efficient support. This product has a separate installation and is compatible only with Cognigy.AI.


Customizable chat widget for real-time customer engagement on websites, providing intelligent and personalized assistance to drive conversion rates. This product is free of charge.


Offers advanced analytics and reporting within Cognigy.AI, enabling data-driven decision-making to optimize conversational AI strategies and improve customer engagement. This product is provided together with Cognigy.AI.

AI Copilot

The AI Copilot feature acts as an assistant to both customers and service agents, offering suggestions, automating routine tasks, and facilitating smoother interactions. This not only enhances the user experience but also supports agents in delivering high-quality service. This product is provided together with Cognigy.AI.

Cognigy Installations

Cognigy offers shared SaaS, dedicated SaaS, and On-premises installations for all products:

  • Shared SaaS โ€” multiple customers share one cloud-hosted instance.
  • Dedicated SaaS โ€” each customer gets their own cloud-hosted instance.
  • On-Premises Installation โ€” customers host Cognigy products on their own infrastructure.