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User and Session Identification

Cognigy.AI utilizes unique user IDs and session IDs to keep track of users' interactions with virtual agents.

User ID

A user ID is a unique identifier assigned to each user that helps manage user data safely, personalize user experiences, and keep track of user history and preferences. The virtual agent utilizes this information to improve its responses and customize the conversation according to the user's needs.

Session ID

A session ID is a unique identifier given to each session initiated by a user. A session represents a period of interaction between the user and the virtual agent. The virtual agent uses session IDs to manage user sessions, track user activity, ensure security, and provide personalized experiences within the conversation.

Obtain User and Session IDs

To obtain the user ID and session ID, you can access them in the Input object input.userId and input.sessionId, or you can use the User ID and Session ID Tokens to retrieve this data from the Input Object. Also, you can find these IDs on the Logs page.

Immutable User and Session IDs

During a conversation, it is not allowed to modify the user ID or session ID. This means you cannot change these IDs using any transformers, xApps, extensions, or Code Nodes. Doing so can cause unexpected issues and termination of the conversation.