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The call was initiated and the Answering Machine Detection (AMD) process started.

To test a payload with this Node:

  1. Create a Flow.
  2. Add a Transfer Node.
  3. In the Dial type of the Transfer Node, activate the Answering Machine Detection setting.
  4. Click Save Node.
  5. Below the Transfer Node, add a Lookup Node.
  6. In the Lookup Node, select the Call Event Status type.
  7. In the child Case Node of the Lookup Node, select the Answering Machine Detection call event status.
  8. Click Save Node.

When the user receives the ANSWERING_MACHINE_DETECTION event, the Flow will seamlessly continue:

  • If a machine is detected, the call can be routed to a pre-recorded message with self-service options.
  • If a human agent is detected, the call will proceed as usual, ensuring personalized assistance.


  "payload": {
    "call_sid": "1722dc58-73ee-4830-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "direction": "inbound",
    "from": "++140xxxxxxxx",
    "to": "+441xxxxxxxx",
    "call_id": "7ce15e2f-74e9-123c-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "sip_status": 200,
    "sip_reason": "OK",
    "call_status": "in-progress",
    "account_sid": "1a3d4a19-a1e9-483f-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "trace_id": "6d6a5a78b853622429d9fdf9267cc96f",
    "application_sid": "e900b540-2475-4a6b-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "fs_sip_address": "10.1.194.xx.xxxx",
    "originating_sip_ip": "",
    "originating_sip_trunk_name": "Twilio-94t4Gcf1fiXFMwG4XQxxxx",
    "api_base_url": "",
    "type": "amd_machine_detected",
    "reason": "long greeting",
    "greeting": "Sanctuary was never meant for human kind it was",
    "language": "en-us"
  "numberMetaData": {
    "number": "+140xxxxxxxx",
    "country": "US",
    "countryCallingCode": "1",
    "nationalNumber": "40xxxxxxxx",
    "valid": true,
    "type": "FIXED_LINE_OR_MOBILE",
    "uri": "tel:+140xxxxxxxx"