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Cognigy Insights

Cognigy Insights replaces our previous static analytics dashboard and provides you with the tools you need to improve the customer experience your AI agents provide. Insights features a range of key metrics, helping you to understand the usage and the performance of your bots.

Cognigy.AI provides two data analysis solutions catering to different preferences:

  • Cognigy OData Endpoint. Allows access to raw data through APIs and is highly customizable, making it suitable for integration with BI tools and creating custom reports. For more information about the OData Endpoint, read the Cognigy.AI: OData Analytics Endpoint documentation.
  • Cognigy Insights. Offers user-friendly pre-built dashboards and tools for quick data analysis and visualization without requiring extensive technical expertise.

The comparison of the OData Endpoint and Insights is outlined in the table.

Feature Cognigy OData Endpoint Cognigy Insights
Purpose Provides access to raw data Analyzes and visualizes raw data
Data Type Raw data (structured format) Processed data (visualizations, reports)
Functionality Allows retrieval of data using GET requests Offers data exploration, metric tracking, performance analysis, data export in CSV
User Interface API User-friendly interface with dashboards and reports
Output Data in a structured format (for example, JSON, XML) Insights, trends, visualizations
Use Case Integrate data with external BI tools
Build custom dashboards and reports for complex data analysis
Get quick insights through pre-built dashboards, explorers, and reports
Technical Expertise API knowledge required Less technical knowledge required
Customization Highly customizable Limited customization


Cognigy Insights co-exists side-by-side with Cognigy.AI and is tightly integrated with some of Cognigy's products as well. Insights features a variety of dashboards and explorers to highlight different data types, enabling you to track your customers' behavior and the success of your AI Agents. Additionally, all collected data is accessible through OData. Insights operates within individual Cognigy.AI Projects. This allows you to analyze data specific to each Project and switch between Projects seamlessly. However, comparing data across Projects simultaneously is not supported.

Access Cognigy Insights by opening the left-side menu in a Cognigy.AI Project and selecting Insights. To switch Projects within Insights, use the dropdown menu in the upper-left corner. When switching from Cognigy.AI to Cognigy Insights, you will be redirected to the Insights Dashboard section, starting on the Overview dashboard.

Overview dashboard

Cognigy Insights features a variety of different dashboards and explorers, which visualize key metrics of your currently selected AI Agent.

Insights provides the following Dashboards:

And additionally, a set of Explorers:


Cognigy Insights offers global and local filters. The filter bar shows only a selection of global filters. To access all filters, including both global and local ones, click more filters. Any filter changes you make will be applied to all data visualizations throughout the platform.

Global Filters

Global filters apply across the entirety of Cognigy Insights. Once you set them up, they persist throughout your session, even if you change from one dashboard to another.

Local Filters

Local filters are specific filters, which are only available for one or a few different dashboards. When you switch from one board to another, they will be temporarily disabled, but not removed from your selection.

User menu

You can find the user menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.

The Insights left-side menu displays all available dashboards and explorers. This menu allows you to easily switch between different dashboards and explorers to analyze your AI Agent's performance.

You can always identify the currently selected view in two ways: it's highlighted in light blue-gray in the menu bar and displayed in the header at the top of your screen.

The left-side menu also allows you to switch back to Cognigy.AI by clicking Cognigy.AI.

Insights main menu

Insights product introduction

To advance your understanding you can see our live presentation of Cognigy Insights here:

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