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Install Cognigy.AI

Install Helm Charts

To install Cognigy.AI perform following steps:

  1. Install MongoDB database with MongoDB Helm Chart for Cognigy.AI. For up-to-date installation instructions refer to
  2. Install Cognigy.AI with Cognigy.AI Helm Chart. For up-to-date installation instructions refer to

Once both Helm releases are successfully installed, you can open a web-browser and visit the URL which you have set in parameter Cognigy.AI Helm release. You should be able to see the login screen of Cognigy.AI frontend application:

Login screen of Cognigy.AI v4

Retrieve Login Credentials

Once you are able to see the Congigy.AI login screen you might wonder which credentials can be used to log in. We chose not to add default admin user with static-credentials as such users will often not get properly removed from systems and leave software products exposed to potential security attacks. Our system creates random credentials on startup if no credentials exist within the system yet. The credentials will get printed into service-security deployment logs during its first start-up, to retrieve the initial credentials execute:

kubectl logs -f -n=cognigy-ai --tail 100 deployment/service-security
You should see something along the following lines with initial user credentials (email and password):
{"level":"info","time":"2022-07-18T14:07:53.328Z","name":"SECURITY","message":"This is the initial user account you can use to login","meta":{},"traceId":""}
{"level":"info","time":"2022-07-18T14:07:53.328Z","name":"SECURITY","message":"password: 1caf47b6b79efc59d5f11fde0669b261aA1!","meta":{},"traceId":""}

It may happen that service-security deployment gets restarted several times during provisioning and the initial logs are not visible anymore. If service-security has restarted only once, you can obtain the logs of the previous container with --previous flag:

kubectl logs -n=cognigy-ai --previous deployment/service-security
If service-security was restarted several times, to reset init user credentials you will need to drop service-security database in MongoDB database and restart service-security deployment.

IMPORTANT: All Organizations and Users will be lost during this process. Perform it only during initial Cognigy.AI setup. Here is a separate document on how to Reset Initial Credentials

License Key Activation

Once you obtained the initial user credentials, visit the web interface of Cognigy.AI, but replace the URL ending /login with /license. This will open our license activation screen which looks quite similar to the login-form but with an additional license-key field:

Activating Cognigy.AI Product License

Paste initial credentials (email and password) and your license-key (including both ====BEGIN LICENSE==== and =====END LICENSE===== delimiters) and click on Activate license. If everything worked, the application will redirect to the login screen on which you can log in to finally get start to use Cognigy.AI.

Limited Windows support

If you open and save the file with the license key on a Windows machine it may become corrupted with hidden windows characters. Use a Linux machine to copy the license or a Windows text editor which can handle linux files properly, e.g. Notepad++