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Webchat v2


Starting from version 4.77, the 18-month countdown to the deprecation of Webchat v2 begins. During this time, only important security updates will be provided for v2, with no further feature additions.

Webchat v2 is a stable version of Cognigy Webchat, which is compatible with any version of Cognigy.AI.

Benefits of Webchat v2:

  • User Interaction. Users can interact with your Conversational AI system directly through the Webchat widget. It provides a graphical chat interface for a smooth user experience.
  • Customization. Using CSS allows you to match the Webchat's appearance to your website's design. You can tweak parameters such as widget colors, fonts, buttons, input/output styles, and even avatars.
  • Persistent Chat History. Webchat retains chat history, ensuring continuity even during in-app navigation. Users can seamlessly continue conversations without losing context.
  • Easy Embedding. JavaScript embedding allows you to integrate Webchat into your website effortlessly.
Cognigy Webchat v2

How to Start with Webchat v2?

Start by reading the documentation provided for Webchat v2. These articles give you a fundamental understanding of its features, configuration, and how to integrate it into your project:

  1. Key Features. Explore the Webchat v2 features.
  2. Supported Browsers. Explore the supported browsers for Webchat v2.
  3. Configuration. Create a Webchat v2 Endpoint and customize various settings within it.
  4. Test your Webchat v2 using the embedded Demo Webchat within the Endpoint settings, or build Webchat v2 locally using developer tools.
  5. Embedding. Launch the Webchat v2 version on your website.