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Client Libraries

Cognigy offers a variety of clients in various languages to connect with Cognigy.AI. All of these are hosted on Cognigy GitHub account.

All clients except the REST API Client connect against Cognigy Endpoints. The REST API Client connects directly against the Cognigy API and can be used to interface with Cognigy Resources directly from TypeScript/JavaScript.

Client Name Language Description
WebchatWidget TypeScript A graphical chat widget you can embed into your website to provide visitors access to a Conversational AI via Cognigy.AI.
SocketClient TypeScript A JavaScript/TypeScript client that can be used to connect to Cognigy.AI Socket Endpoints
Unity 3D Client C# Unity3D game-engine integration
REST Client TypeScript A simple client you can use in your projects to connect to a Cognigy.AI REST endpoint.
REST API Client TypeScript An npm module to connect against the Cognigy API
Cognigy CLI TypeScript Cognigy-CLI is a series of tools to interact with your Cognigy.AI virtual agent projects from the command line