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The sip:request verb is used to send a SIP INFO, NOTIFY, or MESSAGE request on an established call, which is an in-dialog request. This verb allows an application to send SIP messages during a call, such as transmitting metadata to the calling SIP endpoint using a SIP INFO message.

  "verb": "sip:request",
  "method": "INFO",
  "headers": {
    "X-Metadata": "my sip metadata"
  "actionHook": "/info"


The full set of configuration parameters:

Parameter Description Required
method The SIP method, which should be one of INFO, MESSAGE, or NOTIFY. Yes
headers An object that holds headers (key-value pairs) to include in the SIP request. No
body The body of the SIP request. No
actionHook A webhook to receive an HTTP POST when the SIP request has completed. No

Send a Nested Object

To send a nested object, use a string JSON notation of an object. For example:

"infoObject": "{\"objectLevel1\": {\"objectLevel2\": {\"objectLevel3\": \"stringValue\"}}}"

To send a nested object in the body, include a Content-Type header with the value application/json. Then, in the body value, use a string notation of a JSON object.