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Set Rating


This Node prefills a rating prompt with a specific value or updates it based on other actions or user inputs. Multiple Set Rating Nodes can be added to collect feedback at specific steps.

You can combine this Node with the Request Rating Node. For example, add a Set Rating Node to prefill a rating prompt with a default value based on the user's previous interactions with the virtual agent. Then, include the Request Rating Node to enable the user to confirm or change the rating value.

Note that the Set Rating Note doesn't display a rating widget to the end user, in contrast with the Request Rating Node.

To track how the rating changed during a user session, use Cognigy Insights. On the Transcript Explorer page, examine the transcript details to see the final rating for the session. Also, explore the Overview and Engagement dashboards to assess trends in positive ratings for your Agent.


Parameter Description
Rating Score The rating for the conversation is -1 for a negative rating or 1 for a positive rating.
Rating Comment Additional information about the rating.

Comparison of Rating Nodes

The table shows use cases for Set Rating and Request Rating Nodes. These cases are divided into steps.

Set Rating Node
Request Rating Node
1. A customer interacts with the virtual agent to inquire about product specifications. 1. A customer completes a troubleshooting session with the virtual agent.
2. The virtual agent successfully provides the required product information. 2. The virtual agent prompts the customer to provide feedback on their experience.
3. The Set Rating Node assigns a predefined rating score (1) to the customer's session based on the positive interaction. The customer doesn't see any rating prompt during the conversation. 3. The customer rates their experience with the virtual agent by using the Thumbs-up and Thumbs-down icons.
4. The chosen rating is recorded and stored for analysis. 4. The chosen rating is recorded and stored for analysis.

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