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Intent Up and Download

You can upload and download intents from Cognigy. Quickly import intents, edit them with your favourite spreadsheet tool or developer scripts or quickly move intents between flows.

We currently support two formats


Your CSV should be formatted as follows

  • No header
  • We auto detect various CSV formats, if you have any issues use UTF-8 encoding, comma (,) as the delimiter and double quotes ( ") as your quote character and newline (\n) as your line terminator
  • You will need to populate the following three columns:
Name Property type Value
The intent name of type string The type of property, corresponding to Cognigy intent properties
"exampleSentence" "defaultReply" "confirmationSentence" "rules"
The value of the field, e.g., an example sentence utterance "I want pizza", of type string

To illustrate:

rejectIntent exampleSentence this sentence is invalid, and that is ok
Intent1 exampleSentence I want to go home
Intent1 defaultReply Ok go home then
Intent1 defaultReply Ok bye then
Intent1 confirmationSentence Are you sure you want to go home?
Intent2 exampleSentence I want to order a pizza with cheese
Intent2 exampleSentence I am hungry


The Cognigy Intent JSON format specifies your intents completely. For more details refer to our API documentation here.